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I am not sure when Harlow judo club was first registered with the British judo Association but as a mark of respect to the late Alf Sinfield I will mention him as the founder of Harlow Judo Club.  I do remember going to the Harlow sports centre in the very early 60ís for one of my first gradings.  My involvement started when I came out of the army in 1979 and formed Katherineís and Sumnerís community association judo club (K.A.S.C.A).  Alf by this time was well established and we became good friends.  Over the next few years more clubs opened in Harlow and we were able to run our own inter club championships and training sessions.  At one stage Harlow had the Sports centre, K.A.S.C.A, Latton Bush, West Essex, and the Sensue club all doing their bit to produce a good crop of  National and International players a tradition that has carried on to the present day.  Time saw the decline of Latton Bush, West Essex and Sensue.  The death of Alf Sinfield effectively finished off the Sports Centre, which left K.A.S.C.A. to take the responsibility of representing the town of Harlow, which we still do today.

The club pupils are given instruction by qualified B.J.A. black belts coaches who are proud of the success the club has achieved over the years. 

This is a very exciting time for the Harlow Judo Club (winter 05) as they are going through major re-structuring.  More information will be published on the site as it happens.  If any past members of Harlow Judo club have the time to fill in a few historic spaces I will be glad to hear from you.




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