Hello my name is Wendy Smith

My Father Thomas Smith ran a judo club in Bush Fair at the Lutheran Church in 1972( i think it was part of the phoenix judo club but not sure.) Am not sure if this was part of the Harlow Judo Club .I just wondered if you had any information however trivial it may seem about my Father as he died on the judo mat on the 21st march 1972 .  He had finished grading his juniors and was there with  senior coach of the Harlow Judo Club Mr Dennis Winn and a few other seniors talking about his seniors taking part in forthcoming championships. He engaged in some practise holda with another member John Hunt who was a member of the phoenix judo club Essingdon. He was held in a naked strangle hold and did not seem in any difficulty but the hold was broken by Mr Winn and my father was unconscious. He was revived and subsequently collapsed and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. As i was only 5 when he died i have little recollection of my Dad and am searching for any little bit of information anyone you know may have if they were around at that time or if you could pass my details to anyone who may know anything.. Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail and sorry if i have wasted your time.. Many thank .Wendy Smith

If you feel you have any information that may assist Wendy then please email webmaster@harlowjudoclub.co.uk